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There are many types of tools to help improve your golf game while on the course.  One of the most popular tools is a distance finder, also known as a range or yardage finder.  Some of these devices are simple monoculars that will show you the approximate distance to the pin.  A newer popular type of distance finder is a laser rangefinder that will tell you the exact distance to the hole.

When choosing a tool to measure your shot distance, you should take into consideration a few important points.  First is the accuracy of the device you are looking at.  The simple tools will give you an approximate distance that is good enough for most golfers.  The laser rangefinders are usually accurate to within one yard.

The second point you need to consider when choosing a golf distance measurement tool, is the cost.  A simple monocular range finder can be purchased online for $15 or $20, while a laser range finder can run $400 or more.  There are also GPS range finders that offer accuracy similar to the laser range finders.  These types of measuring tools will run about $300 - $400 also.

Unless you are a serious golfer and accuracy within a yard is important to you, you may be better off buying a cheaper distance finder, and spending a little of the money you save on improving your golf game.

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